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Featured Artists

Ed Hatch
Widely recognized for his realism in depicting wildlife, Ed Hatch paints landscapes with a classic compositional structure. His treatment of light is extraordinary, and his work is included in many important collections. Hatch brings a certain romanticism to his works of the Virginia countryside.

"My 40 plus years canoeing and fly fishing has given me the opportunity to study the water and the light. When painting plein air, I usually look toward the light as I like to paint edge lighting and look for interesting silhouettes. Painting early or late in the day gives me long shadows with warm light."

Michael Timothy Davis
Stressing the fundamentals exemplified by the old masters, Michael Davis’ work is reminiscent of the oils produced by the Dutch masters of the 17th century. Art has always been a part of Michael’s life, from copying drawings as a child to studying the masters as an adult. His paintings evoke the timelessness of another era.

Michael Godfrey
A representational painter of landscapes, Michael Godfrey grew up in North Carolina. Inspired by the many moods of light, his goal is to capture and interpret those moods on canvas. His oil paintings reflect his love of the outdoors, and seek to capture the experience of the moment. Michael Godfrey's works can be found in many corporate and private collections.

Becky Parrish
Becky Parrish brings exciting color contrasts, deft use of light and dark, and a skill with shapes and planes to her work. Her portraits capture the person’s spirit, and her still life paintings are both bold and sensuous. Becky Parrish has been painting professionally since 1988, and served as Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Lord Fairfax Community College.

Sara Linda Poly
Sara Linda Poly grew up near Philadelphia and has spent many years living, traveling and teaching around the U.S., Europe and Mexico. Known for her sweeping skies and landscapes, Sara has been the winner of numerous awards and a participant in many local and national shows and plein air competitions. "I have always been at home under the open sky. Painting the beauty and atmosphere in nature is my joy; it is like coming home."

Maggie Siner
For thirty years Maggie Siner has been a quiet voice in the contemporary art world. Her paintings are held in special esteem for their enduring qualities: a perfect sense of the fleeting moment, exquisite clarity of light, bold brushwork, fine tuning of color, delicately balanced structure, and the captured moment of absolute recognition. Siner's work is classically derived, yet strikingly contemporary; freely handled yet powerfully structured. Siner studied painting at Boston University, has been a visiting professor at Xiamen University in China, and artist in residence at Savannah College of Art and Design. She has lived for extended periods in France, China, and Italy.

Selected Works by Artist

Micha Arkhipov
Born in Russia, Micha Arkhipov became a professional artist at the age of 20. He graduated from the LGMITMIK Institute in St. Petersburg in 1993 and emigrated to France the following year. Micha's unique and evocative paintings are filled with symbols and enigmas relating to his own existence.

Nancy Bass
Nancy Bass has spent over thirty years raising her beloved bovines on the pastoral countryside that surrounds her cattle farm in central Virginia. In describing her art, Nancy writes: "I continue to find inspiration in the individual personalities of my animals and the open pastures and rolling skyline of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My passion for color and love of animals has led to oil paintings that combine depictions of my cows with the gentle beauty of the surrounding farmland."

Susan Blackwood
Choosing to paint the simple, beautiful, touching moments, her colors, brush strokes, textures and compositions are carefully chosen, like essential works, to convey each message. She strives to develop a rich and colorful language that can reach the heart. Blackwood won Best of Show at the American Women Artists National Exhibition 2010.

Richard Boyer
Richard Boyer began painting at an early age, first showing his work while still attending high school in Williamsville, New York. He earned his BFA from the University of Utah, where for five years he studied portrait and figurative painting under the English portrait master, Alvin Gittens. Boyer divides his time between Salt Lake City and Sweden, the native home of his wife. He travels frequently throughout Europe and America, always searching for new locations and intriguing subject matter.

Petie Brigham
This North Carolina artist revels in the beauty of the Outer Banks. Her landscapes, both oil and watercolor, portray the turbulence and the serenity of the coastal waters. With her luminous vistas, we remember why the coast calls to us.

Karen Lynn Brooke
Born in Zimbabwe, Karen’s use of color is inspired by the African environment of her childhood, and she finds the Virginia landscape compatible with her style and expressive use of color. Painting in both oil and watercolor, Karen brings vibrancy and life to her work. Her paintings are represented in collections world wide, including the personal collection of a former U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala.

Denise Brown
A signature member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, Denise has been drawing and painting since childhood. Working in a representational style, she creates her paintings with loose fluid strokes utilizing the harmony of color and light to convey her meaning.

Roger Dale Brown
A native of Tennessee, Roger Dale Brown is avid about traveling, studying, teaching and competing in national painting competitions. He credits historical master artists such as John Carlson and Edgar Payne as strongly influencing his belief that plein air painting is an essential element to being a great artist. Roger has received numerous awards for his work and his oil paintings have been displayed in galleries and museums throughout the United States. His works are owned by private collectors across the country.

Joseph Burrough
Burrough enjoys capturing the many moods of nature with a loosely-rendered realism, be it a peaceful, relaxing vista, or a fleeting, windswept moment. His goal is to interpret what he sees so that viewers can appreciate the beauty and majesty of the natural world in an inspiring new way.

Ion Carchelan
Ion Carchelan's career spans nearly 20 years: he is considered one of Moldova's premier painters. His goal with each painting is to discover something fresh in the harvest scenes, distant churches, and the ordinary activities of daily life in rural Moldova. His watercolors draw us in and settle us in a particular place, in a particular moment and mood.

Tricia Cherrington-Ratliff
Tricia Cherrington-Ratliff is a Virginia artist dedicated to leaving a legacy of beautiful and meaningful artwork to be enjoyed for many generations. She employs a combination of contemporary colorist methods and classical painting approaches that allow her to tackle a subject in any style that inspires her. Her work is a constantly evolving dialog of peaceful, realist still life paintings reflecting the joys and complexities of everyday life.

Joan Colomer
Born in the Catalonia region of Spain, Colomer was intimately shaped by the pastoral countryside of deep forests and rolling hills that lent its name to the Olotina Landscape School. Colomer learned to paint at a young age, alongside his two brothers, under the tutelage of his father, also an artist.

Mary Cornish
Mary received her degrees in Visual Communication and Graphic Design from Northwest College of Art, and began painting professionally in 1992. She has exhibited in both National and International shows, and has won numerous awards for her work. Mary can be found working in her studio near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Warrenton, Virginia.

John Corrao
Studying under professional artists, John Corrao began painting in oils when he was 10 years old. After graduating from the School of Art and Design, NYC and after a long and successful career as an award winning Graphic Designer/Illustrator he returned to his first love - oil painting. His work has won many awards in regional and national shows and his paintings reside in private, corporate and international collections.

Bryn Craig
Born in Pennsylvania in 1931, Bryn Craig developed a passion for painting from his earliest years. His richly expressive work captures places and moments from his travels and his home environs in northern California's Marin County. Although his work is representational, Craig insists he's not a photo realist. "I try to include much more than just the surface of the place. I want to express my emotions about the subject and to stimulate emotions in the viewer."

Woody Cyrus
Cyrus has studied at The Cleveland Institute of Art and the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia. He is inspired by the great masters and focuses primarily on landscape paintings. His works evoke the majesty of the natural world.

Miriam Davenport
Although she grew up in Nevada, Mimi Davenport has lived in Virginia for over 30 years. Her watercolor landscapes of New England coastal scenes and the hills and rivers of the Virginia Piedmont, reflect movement and shadows with a contemporary cast.

Barry DeBaun
Barry DeBaun's inpiration comes from his love of nature. He works in a traditional style, seeking to capture the beauty of nature, an essence of peace and subjects that speak to the soul. A native of New York, Barry moved at the age of ten to the Catskills, where he still resides. Influenced by the Hudson River School and the American Impressionists, he works in both watercolor and oils.

Christine Drewyer
Christine Drewyer's interest in painting is grounded in the works of several 19th century masters, and the continuing relationship of their works to today’s contemporary art. The soft tonal quality of Christine’s landscapes is evocative of the paintings of George Inness, whose work she greatly admires, while her still life paintings express vibrancy both contemporary and traditional.

Teresa Duke
As a professional artist, as well as an art teacher to young people, Teresa imbues her landscapes with light and movement. She studied art under William Woodward at George Washington University in Washington DC, as well as with painter, Wolf Kahn in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work is in many public and private collections.

Stuart Dunkel
Stuart Dunkel is an artist, a musician and an author. For his subject matter, this extremely versatile artist alternates between still life, landscape and animal portraits that fuse detailed depictions with subtle humor. His professional track has revealed to him the many similarities between music and painting. Rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, balance, contrast, scales, chromatism, keys, high and low, dark and bright, loud and soft, colorful and dull, can be found in his compositions.

Kathleen Dunphy
Kathleen Dunphy resides in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California where the pristine setting of her surroundings provides endless inspiration for her work. Kathleen's rapid success in the competitive art world was predicted when American Artist magazine recognized her as one of the Top Ten Emerging Artists in 1998, just two years after she closed her floral design business to devote herself full time to painting. her national exhibits, honors, and awards are numerous.

Lois Engberg
Lois Engberg paints with oils in the alla prima style and is best known for her floral still lifes. Many of her works are characterized by her careful choreography of exquisite flowers accented with her unique collectibles that she's spent years acquiring. Lois's earliest influence came from her mother, also an artist, who instilled a love of painting and gardening in her from an early age. She enjoys painting in her home studio as well as plein air painting in her many travels abroad.

Gerard Erley
Educated in the Midwest, with a Masters in Art from Illinois State University, Gerard is influenced by 19th century American and French landscape painting. His landscapes reflect a sublime quality of light, as he seeks to discover the poetry in a solitary tree or a passing cloud. His work can be found in museums, as well as corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad.

Beverly Ford Evans
Beverly was raised in Nashville, TN and now resides in Franklin, TN. As a child she was drawn to the beauty that surrounded her. Encouraged by her parents, she began drawing and painting. Beverly captures the essence of the landscape and wildlife beautifully and artfully. Coupled with her love of the landscape is her love for animals. She is sought after to paint commissions for loving pet owners, and has participated in the South Eastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC, the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD, and Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA.

Kevin Fitzgerald
Kevin's soft and reflective landscapes are reminiscent of the 19th century Romantics. His work contains a hint of mystery.

Howard Friedland
Winner of Best of Show 2008 Oil Painters of America National Exhibitioin, Friedland uses his talents and materials to convey emotion to the viewer. "Technique and style have their place but in the end they are merely a means to an end." Originally from New York, Howard moved west for the opportunity to paint vast landscapes. Returning to the east has given him a renewed love of the landscapes that he fondly remembers.

Eduardo G. Galliani
Educated in Cinematography and Photojournalism, Eduardo is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in editorial and commercial photography. His photographs have been published in countless international, national and local publications.

Linda Griffin
While Linda achieved early success in oil painting, her true love is watercolor. Having traveled extensively, it is the combination of architecture with flowers in strong light that distinguishes her work. Her watercolors capture the visual quality of her subjects, and express the beauty of places around the world. Her work appears in many corporate collections.

Sydney Hall
A professional artist since 1997, Sydney's paintings boldly embrace colors and shapes. Her greatest influence comes from the dreamers who believe in things beyond the tangible. Her work expresses energy, light and texture. Her work has been shown in many art exhibitions throughout Virginia.

Bruce Handford
Handford is a full time watercolorist. His work exhibits a freshness that is both graceful and winsome. He paints the essence of a subject, and eliminates that which detracts from the feeling or mood. Recent awards include the Winslow Homer Special Merit Award at the 2009 Transparent Watercolor Society National Exhibition and the St. Cuthbert's Mill Award at the 2008 North East Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibition.

Dick Heichberger
Landscape oil painter, Dick Heichberger, draws his inspiration from the wildlife of the desert and canyons of Arizona, his interest in Native Americans, as well as the mountains of California, Wyoming and Colorado. Through his mastery and the simplicity of his subject matter, his paintings convey the beauty and harmony of the landscapes he so admires.

Gerald Hennesy
Hailing from Virginia, Gerald works in oils and watercolors in an impressionistic style. His work depicts the effect of light coupled with a freshness of color and expressive brushwork. His work is exhibited widely in commercial and museum galleries.

Robert Heuel
1919 - 2009 Having come from a family of painters, Robert Heuel, OPA, was a master of many styles of painting. His luminous landscapes and seascapes of European and American scenes are breathtaking, vigorous and inspired.

Ray Heus
Heus practices the art of classic Japanese printing; a precise, unforgiving method that yields images as cleanly put together as puzzle pieces, creating colors as subtle as air. He has researched the true method, and acquired not only Japanese printing tools, but a process so orderly that it borders on ritual.

Clinton Hobart
Clinton grew up in New Jersey and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in NY. He has always been a fan of the movies and acting, and often imagines that the objects in his still-lifes are actors on a stage, lined up to take a bow. Clinton's work is currently being shown in many private collections, both national and international.

Juli Kirk
Specializing in portraits of dogs, horses and people, Julie is the consummate horsewoman and professional artist. Her affinity for animals is reflected in her equestrian and pet portraits. She brings a certain exuberance and animation to her work.

Barbara Kiwak
Although she began her career as an illustrator, Barbara decided several years ago to pursue a career in fine art. Her sculptures often represent the long ago lives of native Americans, while her oil paintings evoke the majesty and drama of the American West and the gentle landscapes of the East.

Margaret A. Lee
With a degree in graphic art and design, Margaret turned to oil painting over 30 years ago, and hasn’t looked back. She has always loved to draw, and brings to her painting a strong sense of design, color and perspective. Her coastal landscapes have a serenity that is both dramatic and calming, while her still life works are classical and precise.

Davette Leonard
Davette Leonard's still life paintings are a celebration of the extraordinary in the ordinary. With a sense of the Baroque in mind, Leonard paints from life with exacting draftsmanship, complex colors and dramatic lighting. These paintings speak of the ephemeral aspects of natural objects. Davette Leonard studied at the School of Visual Arts, NYC, the Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC and the University of Mary Washington, VA.

Abigail McBride
A Maryland artist, Abigail studied under master impressionist, John Ebersberger, as well as Cedric and Joanette Egeli, nationally known portrait painters. She paints plein air landscapes, still life and portraits in the American Impressionist tradition. Her focus is on color and light, and she works with both a brush and a palette knife.

Joanne Mehl
Joanne Mehl is an accomplished figurative artist specializing in the painting of equestrian subjects and portraiture. While having a vivid impressionist feel, her work is grounded in the realistic depiction of relationships and scenes. Her work hangs in the Kentucky's Governor's mansion, the Keeneland Library, and in numerous private collections.

Lou Messa
A native of Pennsylvania, Lou Messa studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He moved over thirty years ago to Madison County, Virginia, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Much of his work reflects the beautiful countryside of Madison and surrounding areas. Lou works mainly with acrylic or watercolor, rendering his images with great precision and detail.

Frederic Murphy
1932 - 2011 Stressing the use of light and shadow, Frederic employs a method used by the old masters, and achieves an inner glow and permanency to his colors. His still life paintings exhibit a mastery of classical composition, and his work has garnered awards in many exhibitions.

Victor Nizovtsov
Victor Nizovtsov is a masterful oil painter of theatrical figurative composition, fantasy, landscapes and still life. While his professional art training occured in Russia, inspiration for Victor's art comes from Greek mythology, the great Masters of the past, Russian folklore and childhood memories.

Barbara Nuss
Known for her warm and peaceful landscapes and still lifes, national award-winning artist Barbara Nuss paints picturesque vistas, charming historic towns, and still lifes in a classical impressionistic style. Barbara has exhibited throughout the U.S. and in Europe, including solo exhibitions in Washington, DC and New York City. Her paintings are in collections worldwide.

Jennifer O'Cualain
In the summer of 2005, Jennifer O'Cualain merged her years of experience as a professional portrait artist with her love of animals to become a wildlife artist. "I enjoy painting "portraits" of animals. It's amazing how truly unique each creature each has its own personality just as we do." Jennifer has earned numerous distinctions including the 2010 Oil Painters of America Animals Award of Excellence. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ou, Chujian
Ou, Chujian, born in China, has mastered the finest techniques and skills from the traditions of classics and impressionism. Subjects of his paintings include figure, nude, Chinese minority tribes, landscapes and still life. Ou, Chujian is a member of Oil Painters of America, and has been the recipient of multiple awards in both China and the United States.

Ricardo Page
Ricardo is a found-object sculptor with a passion to create. The aesthetics of his work has been cultivated over years of finding new purpose for otherwise mundane objects. His sculptures push the boundaries of imagination and evoke a whimsical fantasy world from the simple nature of the objects he collects.

Stefan Pastuhov
As a plein air painter, Stefan enjoys the outdoors, and paints outside year round. A native of Massachusetts, now living in Maine, he’s an avid skier, and his love of nature and the outdoors is reflected in his strong, bold statements on the canvas. The seasonal changes of light strongly appeal to him, and he captures this in his work. His work is found in many corporate collections.

Nancy Peach
A luminist painter in the romantic tradition, Nancy’s paintings often reflect the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay and the peaceful rural landscapes near her home. People relate to her attention to detail, and to her use of light and color. Nancy has exhibited since 1973, and her work is shown in galleries and museums nationwide.

Jeremy Pearse
Born in Devon, England, Jeremy drew and painted from an early age. Having lived in South Africa, Hong Kong, and now the United States, Jeremy’s exquisite eye for detail is evident in his paintings of birds and animals. Multi-faceted, he conveys his representational style in both watercolor and oil. His work has been exhibited in many art shows in the eastern U.S., and he received 1st place in the 2001 World Bank Art Society exhibition.

Dennis Perrin
A native of southern Louisiana, Dennis now resides in Maine. His masterful treatment of light is a trademark of his work. Whether the subject is a floral still life, an inviting interior, or a figure clad in white, light is the dominant feature. Dennis creates beautiful and compelling images with brilliant color and dazzling light.

Craig Pursley
Craig started early in art, obtaining professional commissions at age 14. Former art teacher, former police composite artist, former sports artist and former illustrator for a major California newspaper, he now resides in New Hampshire, focusing on landscape and portrait work in addition to running the American Heritage Gallery of Art. Craig's work can be found in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, the New Hampshire State House and in many private collections across the country and in Europe.

Jeff Rechin
Virginia artist Jeff Rechin has been carving and sculpting since childhood. Specializing in bird sculptures, Jeff has been honored with many prestigious awards throughout his career, including the coveted "Best in World" title in 1998 and 2000 at the Ward Foundation's World Championships.

Paul Rhymer
Paul comes from a family of artists and spent 25 years as a taxidermist and model maker at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. As a result of all the 3-D work in his museum job, his own personal artwork gradually transformed from painting and drawing into sculpture. In addition to the National Museum of Natural History, Paul's wildlife sculpture is at the National Zoo, Denver Zoo, Woodson Art Museum, Hiraim Blauvelt Museum, various public buildings and parks, and in private collections throughout the U.S.

Patricia McMahon Rice
Patricia McMahon Rice specializes in fine art oil paintings in the Classical Realist tradition. While studying the classical methods and materials under the instruction of award winning artist Robert Liberace, she developed a deep appreciation for the centuries-old technique of painting with oil on copper. Oil paintings on copper have since become one of her specialties. Patricia is an active member in the Portrait Society of America, the International Guild of Realism and Oil Painters of America. Her paintings have won numerous awards.

Linda Roberts
In addition to ski and snowscapes, Linda’s command of painting is also evident in her masterful portrayal of other vistas encountered in her frequent travels abroad and in the United States. Her scenes are colorful, lively and compelling. Her work has been commissioned by many corporations in the U.S., e.g., Ski Magazine, Marriott Corporation, Aspen Ski Company, to name but a few.

Jim Rodgers
Jim Rodgers paints a wide range of subject and subject matter; from lush American and European landscapes to intimate genre paintings and elegant, sophisticated still life. His paintings reflect a richness in tone and color that comes from over thirty years of professional study and travel in the United States and Europe.

Earl E. Shiloh, Jr.
Shiloh endeavors to bring the style of the Old Masters into his paintings. He uses mostly ground pigments mixed with black oil, and a medium developed by Jacques Maroger, very similar to that employed by the Old Masters. The result is work of rich color and luminosity.

Belinda Sillars
Renowned for her equestrian and animal sculptures, Belinda Sillars’ life revolves around her art, her horses and her dogs. Her creativity brings her work to a level that most artists struggle to attain during a lifetime. Her bronzes capture the movement and spirit of the subject. Belinda Sillars'work has been commissioned by many leaders in the equestrian world.

Patricia Skinner
A native of Seattle, Patricia graduated cum laude from Georgetown University. She later studied painting with Dodie Petro, and at the Art League in Alexandria, VA. Working in pastels, Patricia's art explores the landscapes of America and Europe. The jewel-like tones of her pastels emphasize the natural beauty of the landscapes she produces. She travels throughout the year, painting on location.

J. Ken Spencer
J. Ken Spencer is an avid plein air painter. "Painting on location gives me the chance to see new things, to see different light conditions and to regularly feel the creative juices. When I paint in plein air I see the subtle colors of nature, and with all the information out there, I can make the best design choices for the subject I am working on." Spencer also works on larger scale paintings in the studio.

Bradley Stevens
As a contemporary painter in the realist tradition, Brad Stevens feels an affinity with Edward Hopper, Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer. His renderings of landscapes, portraits and cityscapes have captured the imagination of serious collectors for the past 20 or so years. Brad's versatility and commanding sense of light make him an extraordinary artist. His work is part of many corporate collections.

Anda J. Styler
Styler paints both in and out of the studio. She continues to explore subject matter, but is especially drawn to the magic of the landscape, and places she travels to. Working with shadow, light, vibrant color, mood and sky she hopes to bring excitement to her work that reflects the world around her and capture the unique and lasting beauty that only nature reflects.

Dana Thompson
Dana lives and paints in the Virginia countryside near Casanova. She strives to capture the personality and expression in all her animal subjects. Although she loves to paint miniatures in oil, she paints in larger formats as well.

Robert Thoren
Painting in a sensual, impressionistic style, Robert Thoren’s paintings seek to transform everyday objects into powerful statements. Having studied with teachers closely associated with the late Russian emigre impressionist, Sergei Bongart, Robert celebrates the Bongart tradition of focus on color.

Janet Triplett
Janet's work is traditionally representational and she evokes a timeless elegance while capturing brilliant light and color in her still lifes, landscapes and portrait paintings. She is a member of Oil Painters of America, and lives and maintains studios on Bald Head Island, NC and Glenville, NC.

Daphne vom Baur
Daphne vom Baur is classically trained in sculpture and drawing, and has studied independently with Philip Pearlstein and Wolf Kahn. Both bodies of her work, landscape and figurative, are related by palette and the use of motion or action, and geometry, to describe form and space.

Anthony Watkins
Through direct observation and naturalistic drawing, Anthony Watkins transcribes the shapes, textures and colors found within a given subject. As a classical realist, his oil paintings possess a sense of drama and directness not easily forgotten. Anthony Watkins has won many awards for his work throughout his career, and he has been the subject of numerous articles and publications on art.

Henry Wingate
Henry Wingate began his training as a painter at the age of 28, after having served six years as a pilot in the Navy. He has dedicated his life to painting ever since, including five years studying with Paul Ingbretson. Wingate has won numerous awards, including First Prize in the American Society of Portrait Artists 2000 competition.

Catherine Woo
Dr. Cathy Woo is an accomplished painter, poet, composer, teacher and writer. Her paintings have been described as visual poems. She channels an understanding of harmony and peacefulness into her work.

William Woodward
This well-known Washington, D.C. realist painter and former professor of painting at George Washington University now resides in the Virginia countryside. Renowned for his murals, Woodward also excels in traditional paintings. His work can be found in many public buildings and corporations in the mid-Atlantic region.

Ellen Zelano
A teacher by training, Ellen Zelano began her artistic career while living in the Netherlands. Her still life renderings exhibit the classicism of the old masters, yet have a contemporary panache. Her work is in many collections in the United States and Europe.

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