"The Earth Laughs in Flowers" emerson

With longer days of sunlight and the flowers and trees close to full bloom, one cannot help but pause and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. Artists have that innate ability to find inspiration in the natural world. Take a break from the cherry blossoms and walk the galleries in the west building of The National Gallery of Art. The natural world is depicted in a variety of ways......and the flowers? Spend some time in front of Vincent van Gogh's "Roses" or Jan van Huysum's "Still Life with Flowers and Fruit." Different times,styles,colors and brush strokes but both are beautiful depictions of the fragility of nature.

Closer to home, many of the artists at the Berkley Gallery capture the fleeting beauty of flowers in rich colors and bold brush strokes giving the impression of a fresh picked bouquet or arrangement. After our winter of discontent, who can resist a beautiful bouquet of flowers especially when it can be enjoyed all year long.

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