May 18th Show Features Becky Parrish

 A solo exhibition of Becky Parrish's new work will open on Saturday, May 18th at the Berkley Gallery on 40 Main Street.  A  reception honoring the artist will take place from 4-7 on that day.  This popular Orlean artist has been busy putting brush and paint to canvas and the results are nothing less than stunning.

A veritable library of art books line the walls of her studio.  Natural curiosities of branches, feathers, nests and rocks are shelved with pottery, baskets, buckets, jars and other unique objects that may be featured in her paintings.  Putting some finishing touches on "Bucket" which is the image on the Berkley showcard, Becky talks about the process.  "Everything starts with a color concept and then I select the subject matter that will complement that.  With still life painting, I can control the environment; the composition, light and color.  It is really an abstract and intellectual process."

A teacher, mentor and winner of numerous prestigious art awards, Becky lists Degas, Manet and Bellows as some of her favorite artists.  Her own inspiration may come at any time, even in the middle of the night where she will sketch out an idea that is based in color.  These vibrant colors are found in the fruits, vegetables and flowers that have a fresh, just picked quality.  A Connecticut collector talks about how Becky's paintings "embellish our mundane world turning it into a world of beauty."  Indeed, walking around her studio, you have the sense that something beautiful is unfolding in her work.  While looking at a large lilac and roses painting, the only thing missing is the scent.

For more information on Becky Parrish's upcoming show, please contact the Berkley Gallery at 540-341-7367.

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