A Visit to Anda Styler's Connecticut Studio







 The Housatonic River snakes its way down from western Massachusetts to the quaint town of New Milford, Connecticut and passes the "Bleachery," a restored warehouse and home to Anda Styler's studio.  On this chilly Sunday morning, Anda talks about the evolving process of making art and finding inspiration in the everyday.


"In painting, there are many moments that make things come together and I am constantly looking to do more to expand my vision.  Everyday, I am challenged to go a little further, to experiment with color and stretch just a little more."


Painting since she was a young child, Anda was most influenced by Monet when she first saw his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  "I was stunned; the colors, composition and energy of the paintings made me feel as though they were alive."  She spends time painting in her studio and on location.  "Painting plein air changes everything.  I am more in touch with the work, I can see and feel the changing light and hear the environment.  It's a challenge to capture a moment that is moving so quickly."                                              

Anda paints what she knows and loves.  An avid gardener, many of the flowers in her work are her own.  Working in acrylics and oils, she paints landscapes of forgotten barns, expansive fields of flowers, winter brooks, country roads, clapboard homes and the unique beauty that only nature reflects.  "Being an artist is humbling; there is almost something more to learn, to know, to expand upon...one stroke at a time."


















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