"The Earth Laughs in Flowers" emerson

With longer days of sunlight and the flowers and trees close to full bloom, one cannot help but pause and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. Artists have that innate ability to find inspiration in the natural world. Take a break from the cherry blossoms and walk the galleries in the west building of The National Gallery of Art. The natural world is depicted in a variety of ways......and the flowers? Spend some time in front of Vincent van Gogh's "Roses" or Jan van Huysum's "Still Life with Flowers and Fruit." Different times,styles,colors and brush strokes but both are beautiful depictions of the fragility of nature.

Closer to home, many of the artists at the Berkley Gallery capture the fleeting beauty of flowers in rich colors and bold brush strokes giving the impression of a fresh picked bouquet or arrangement. After our winter of discontent, who can resist a beautiful bouquet of flowers especially when it can be enjoyed all year long.

A Happy New Year....in Art

 The holidays at Berkley Gallery are always a special time and last year was no different. We are grateful for those clients who return to the gallery year after year looking for a special gift in art. Like old friends we welcomed a couple from the Midwest that celebrate their anniversary at a well-know inn and restaurant not too far from the gallery. On their annual trip, they peruse both galleries adding to their extensive art collection. We assisted husbands, wives and anyone else shopping for a significant other. Art is a meaningful gift that one can enjoy each day, whether it is a small still life hanging in the kitchen, a large landscape above a fireplace, a figurative work in pen and ink in the bedroom or a bronze placed on a pile of books in a den. One client said he was buying for himself because he liked how the small landscape reminded him of a place in Upstate New York, a place he loved to visit when he was younger. He added, "looking at it makes me happy."

New to the gallery this year are several artists including, Simon Bland, Mary Champion, Tricia Cherrington-Ratliff, Donna Clark, Micha Arkhipov and Clinton Hobart. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year and assisting you in finding a work of art that makes you happy too!

Berkley Gallery to host Fine Art Professionals of Northern Virginia

The Berkley Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition featuring the Fine Art Professionals of Northern Virginia. Twenty-six, nationally recognized professional artists will exhibit work in a multiplicity of styles, subject matter and medium. The exhibit will run from October 4th throught October 15th, with an opening night artists' reception on Friday, October 4th.

This passionate group of artists, working in oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels and representing a variety of artistic styles including realism, impressionism and abstract expressionism, have set the stage for a thoroughly unique and stunning show.

Art has the ability to make us stop, to pause and look, to process colors, brushwork, subject matter and sometimes to find a connection, a meaning that touches us. Whether you prefer to contemplate a work in silence, studying the eye of the artist or discuss the process with the artist and others, you can do both at the opening of this show on Friday, October 4th from 6-9pm. The opening is in conjunction with First Friday in historic downtown Warrenton, where shops and restaurants are open late for those that want to enjoy the autumn evening in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

The following artists will be featured in the show:

Robert Thoren, David Williams,Tricia Adams, Jill Banks, Simon Bland, Vicki Blum, Gwendolyn C. Bragg, Chica Brunsvold, Mary Champion, Tricia Cherrington-Ratliff, Donna Clark, Elaine Elinsky, Betty Ganley, Carolyn Grosse Gawarecki, Jean K. Gill, Linda Hendrickson, Catherine Hillis, Margaret Huddy, Dell Keathley, Susan La Mont, Christine Lashley, Jonathan Linton, Jill E. Poyerd, Libby Stevens, Dana Thompson and Daniel Wise.

For more information, please contact the Berkley Gallery at 540-341-7367.

May 18th Show Features Becky Parrish

 A solo exhibition of Becky Parrish's new work will open on Saturday, May 18th at the Berkley Gallery on 40 Main Street.  A  reception honoring the artist will take place from 4-7 on that day.  This popular Orlean artist has been busy putting brush and paint to canvas and the results are nothing less than stunning.

A veritable library of art books line the walls of her studio.  Natural curiosities of branches, feathers, nests and rocks are shelved with pottery, baskets, buckets, jars and other unique objects that may be featured in her paintings.  Putting some finishing touches on "Bucket" which is the image on the Berkley showcard, Becky talks about the process.  "Everything starts with a color concept and then I select the subject matter that will complement that.  With still life painting, I can control the environment; the composition, light and color.  It is really an abstract and intellectual process."

A teacher, mentor and winner of numerous prestigious art awards, Becky lists Degas, Manet and Bellows as some of her favorite artists.  Her own inspiration may come at any time, even in the middle of the night where she will sketch out an idea that is based in color.  These vibrant colors are found in the fruits, vegetables and flowers that have a fresh, just picked quality.  A Connecticut collector talks about how Becky's paintings "embellish our mundane world turning it into a world of beauty."  Indeed, walking around her studio, you have the sense that something beautiful is unfolding in her work.  While looking at a large lilac and roses painting, the only thing missing is the scent.

For more information on Becky Parrish's upcoming show, please contact the Berkley Gallery at 540-341-7367.

A Visit to Anda Styler's Connecticut Studio







 The Housatonic River snakes its way down from western Massachusetts to the quaint town of New Milford, Connecticut and passes the "Bleachery," a restored warehouse and home to Anda Styler's studio.  On this chilly Sunday morning, Anda talks about the evolving process of making art and finding inspiration in the everyday.


"In painting, there are many moments that make things come together and I am constantly looking to do more to expand my vision.  Everyday, I am challenged to go a little further, to experiment with color and stretch just a little more."


Painting since she was a young child, Anda was most influenced by Monet when she first saw his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  "I was stunned; the colors, composition and energy of the paintings made me feel as though they were alive."  She spends time painting in her studio and on location.  "Painting plein air changes everything.  I am more in touch with the work, I can see and feel the changing light and hear the environment.  It's a challenge to capture a moment that is moving so quickly."                                              

Anda paints what she knows and loves.  An avid gardener, many of the flowers in her work are her own.  Working in acrylics and oils, she paints landscapes of forgotten barns, expansive fields of flowers, winter brooks, country roads, clapboard homes and the unique beauty that only nature reflects.  "Being an artist is humbling; there is almost something more to learn, to know, to expand upon...one stroke at a time."


















Berkley Gallery Welcomes Ion Carchelan

Join us on Saturday, March 9th for an exhibition of
Ion Carchelan's watercolor paintings.

Waiting for Friends

Widely recognized as a superb watercolorist, Ion captures the rural landscape of his homeland, Moldova.  His images of children, animals and peasants working the land are both beautiful and haunting.  Berkley collectors refer to his work as "meditative" and "sensitive."

The show will include two painting demonstrations, at 1pm and 4pm.  Ion is a wonderful teacher who enjoys showing how he is able to render such detail with brush, water and color.

We hope you will join us as we welcome Ion Carchelan back to the Berkley Gallery.  Please call 540-341-7367 for additional information.


Ion Carchelan at the Berkley Gallery in 2009

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